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Sunday Jan 24, 2016 12:53

Gollancz, Angry Robot and Joshua Bilmes

I spent the last year completing my second full length novel, The Athena Complex, and cutting the word count of The Paradox of Deception down to 180K. As I finished them both, three opportunities popped up, so I couldn't be happier.

Two major publishing companies opened to unagented submissions: Gollancz for a brief period in January, and Angry Robot did the same for the whole months of December and January. I already submitted The Athena Complex to both, and for good measure, The Paradox of Deception in its much tighter version to Gollancz (I already sent The Paradox of Deception to Angry Robot last year without success).

On top of that, Joshua Bilmes, agent of Brandon Sanderson, is opened to unsolicited queries again. Joshua is an industry veteran, that since I've started writing seriously (and studying the publishing industry) almost ten years ago, has never been opened to queries. As a big fan of Brandon's work (especially The Stormlight Archive cycle), it's very exciting to me to have the possibility to submit The Paradox of Deception to him. I think that he will enjoy my brand of military fantasy mixed with a rigorous magic system.

And once I send it, the finger crossing will start...