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Tuesday Jul 24, 2012 08:24


The Paradox of Deception is a sprawling fantasy epic that I wrote over the course of five years.

I came up with this one-sentence summary as it seems to be the sexy thing to do these days:

"Human nations at war have to come together quickly and ally with a forgotten enemy race in order to defeat a mysterious infinite army or be annihilated."

Obviously this doesn't even begin to properly describe a character-driven 210.000 words novel!


I'm currently seeking representation with a literary agent to pursue traditional publication, in the hope that you’ll be able to someday buy it at your local bookstore, but if you are curious to know more now, read my Query Letter Pitch below.

Keep scrolling if you want to read some excerpts. If you like what you are reading, you can keep coming back to this site to follow my efforts on the road to publication, or head to my About Me page to see other ways to stay in touch.

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Tuesday Jul 24, 2012 08:38

Query Letter Pitch

This is the summary I'm currently sending as part of my cover letters to agents and publishers:

"Three forces vie for supremacy in the war-torn continent of Pathran. Newly crowned Emperor Arthatus IV, ruler of the central Irkalian Empire, is looking to expansion as a mean of righting the Empire’s course after years of decadence. Amet, the original Emperor, betrayed two thousand years earlier by the current Gods of Pathran, has returned and is reuniting the southern nomadic Gheradi tribes to invade the Empire and reclaim his throne. In Coranth, the Empire’s capital, Spy Master Poliad Seramin of the Northern Sarathian Kingdom is building a formidable network of double agents, disguised as a fictitious religion, to exploit the conflict between Arthatus and Amet and seize control of Pathran for his King.

As armies cross borders and pawns are positioned for the final showdown, a new unimaginable threat comes to light: portals opening onto another world, where an infinite army of mindless killers is pressing to invade Pathran and slaughter humanity. The only thing stopping the invaders is the dwindling Pale Fortress, erected around the portals by the long-forgotten race of the Tar Larhain that created it by harnessing the power of Fragmancy, a sorcery banned in a bygone era by the Elder Gods.

The three antagonists have to set their ambitions aside and work together, but will Arthatus risk pushing the Empire into oblivion by diverting his armies to face the new invaders and buy humanity time? Will Amet overcome his absolute thirst for revenge and work with his divine killers to bring Fragmancy back to Pathran? Will Poliad, whose religion has grown to the point he’s begun to believe in it himself, keep his sanity long enough to find the last living Tar Larhain in order to restore full power to the Pale Fortress?

As is often the case, the answers to these questions and the fate of mankind depend on lesser players, unwillingly caught in the struggle. A young orphan with a staggering connection to Fragmancy, scraping by in the streets of Coranth just a stone’s throw away from Arthatus’ Imperial Citadel; a retired war hero, forced by Amet to coordinate the attack against the Empire; and Poliad’s young lover and last anchor to reality, the only presence that keeps him from plunging into madness."

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Wednesday Jul 25, 2012 07:57


A three-page synopsis of The Paradox of Deception. is available upon request, so if you are interested head over to my About Me page for the many different ways to contact me.

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Wednesday Jul 25, 2012 08:14


See below, for an excerpt of Paradox of Deception, randomly selected from a pool of three different ones. Refresh the page to read another one (just refresh again if you are unlucky and get the same one twice in a row).

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