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Sunday Jan 24, 2016 13:06

The Athena Complex

The Athena Complex brings together PETER, a true empath, able to sense the emotions of those around him at the cost of crippling headaches, and RUBY, born and raised in a complex built miles underground into solid rock and constantly under attack by alien-looking monsters that have a stunning connection to our natural environment. When their two worlds collide, the bond that Peter and Ruby have formed is the only thing that can rescue her, and set planet Earth on a path to salvation. But there’s one big stumbling block: RACHEL, Peter’s genius sister, the only person immune to his power, whose very survival is threatened by Earth’s crusade against technology.

 The Athena Complex is the first of a three-novel cycle that intertwines both environmental and technological themes. In the second chapter, MINERVA'S WRATH, Earth is brought to the brink of annihilation by the war between the embodiments of technology and nature that emerged at the end of the first novel. The final volume, GAEA'S RISING, will ultimately give the reader a glimpse of how science and nature have to come together to ensure the survival of humanity.